Mechanical Typewriter

Manufacture Date: 1939-40

Model: Model 3

The Monarch Typewriter Company was founded in 1904 by the Union Typewriter Company. The Union Typewriter Company has many subsidiaries such as Remington, Smith Premier, American Writing Machine, Yost, and Densmore. Each typewriter featured long levers, straight line pulls, and fulcrum. 

The first Monarch was released in 1905 and production ended in 1939. Model 3 is similar to Remington’s No. 1 in design but with slight differences such as the structure of the base. Each Model 3 reads “The Monarch Typewrite Company” or “The Monarch Typewriter” as the Monarch became more of a brand than a corporate identity. Model 3 features a Sans ribbon selector, tab key, and the basic 38-key model. This specific typewriter is the Canadian Model, which was made from 1939 to 1940.

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