“It’s important when discussing China to stop and take the long view from time to time.”

Mark MacKinnon, Globe and Mail senior international correspondent

Mark MacKinnon, Globe and Mail senior international correspondentThe years Mark MacKinnon spent as the Beijing correspondent for The Globe and Mail coincided with an extraordinary period for China. Mind-boggling changes took place there, yet parts of the country remained almost unchanged from decades past.

He covered that disparity and dichotomy in tremendous depth and scope over his five years in the country—and recounted his experiences during the 14th Annual Kesterton Lecture at our School.

MacKinnon graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism from the School in 1997. He is currently the Globe’s senior international correspondent based in London.

April 3, 2013

J-Source live blog

MacKinnon: It’s important for Canada’s leaders to push for rule of law in China, this will protect Chinese as well as foreigners visiting in China.

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