There has never been a more exciting time to study journalism and communication

Media technologies, and the many and varied ways we share, persuade and collaborate with others, are constantly changing.

Students who complete our Journalism program will be equipped to produce compelling, impactful stories and lead the industry’s digital renaissance. Those in our Media Production and Design program will be in the forefront of transforming the ways in which we talk to each other and immerse ourselves in non-fiction narratives.

Students in Communication and Media Studies will be prepared to evaluate, manage, influence and shape the constant flow of images and information that are redefining all aspects of our lives.

Our School’s graduates are ideally positioned to apply their knowledge and expertise to be leaders in their careers and communities.

For those of you already here in the School, we hope your studies with us are exciting and rewarding.

For those of you thinking of joining us, please browse our website, write to us if you have questions, and visit us on campus to tour our facilities, meet with our faculty, and connect with our students.

Josh Greenberg, Director

Program Head for Communication and Media Studies

Allan Thompson, Associate Director

Program Head for Journalism