Photo of Mackay, Cody

Cody Mackay


BA Hon (History), University of Prince Edward Island

Like many Prince Edward Islanders, Cody MacKay was always inherently curious. The desire to learn and understand has taken Cody across the world, travelling across the United States and even living in Berlin for a summer. However, Cody’s curiosity is best represented in his desire to pursue a degree in History at the University of Prince Edward Island. During his time at UPEI, Cody found a new passion for journalism and worked for three years interviewing military veterans and their families. Cody was also the project manager and lead researcher for the Lest We Forget Committee, putting together portfolios of interviewed veterans and Islanders killed in action during World War I and II. The blending of history and journalism inspired him to combine his two passions for his Honours thesis. Cody is excited to be a part of Carleton’s Masters program, and cannot wait to share and discover with his fellow classmates.