Alumni Memory: Giuliano Tolusso, BJ ’83

A J-School Love Story

In my days at Carleton, fourth-year journalism students were assigned a mailbox in the basement of St. Patrick’s Building for their profs to return assignments to – still typed in those days. Since my name fell towards the end of the alphabet, the mailboxes began to run out and I had to share one with a fellow student, Susan Turner (BJ ’84). I vaguely knew who she was, having seen her in first year shorthand and third year radio news. We both lived off-campus, so didn’t really run into each other. To overcome this aura of “mystery”, we took advantage of the shared mailbox to pass notes to each other. This led to a first date. Our romance blossomed, in spite of me subjecting her to some dubious foreign films (my minor was Film Studies) on our dates. We got engaged towards the end of our final term and were named “Cutest Couple” by our fellow students at the 1983 “Brownie” Awards. We got married the next year and have been together for the last 36 years, still making memories after being put together by the luck of the draw at j-school. – Giuliano Tolusso (BJ ’83)

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