Alumni Memory: Liza Linklater, BJ ’86

A Great Prof is Everything

I was able to take the one year (BJ) in 1985-86 as I already had a BA and an MA in visual anthropology. Before I took the course, I had worked as a photographer and had published several articles. It was an intense 8 month course with sections like radio, TV and journalism. I was not suited for radio or TV, but was most interested in print journalism (there was no online alternative then).

My favourite professor was David van Praagh because I was most interested in writing articles. He was an excellent teacher. And because he had worked in Asia, as a journalist, we had a lot in common. After the BJ, I was able to get many journalism jobs.

I had gone to Asia first in 1978-79 by going overland through Iran and Afghanistan on the way to India. David had driven that route many years before. The year I went was the last time anyone could take that route. I lived in Bangkok a couple of times for several years and saw David again there. We had also stayed in touch in Ottawa. He was a great journalist and a nice man.- Liza Linklater (BJ ’86)

Alumni Memories are part of Carleton Journalism’s 75th Anniversary.

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