Alumni Memory: Robb Lucy, BJ ’76

A time in the Limelight

I called Stu Adams in August of 1974 hoping I could get into the one-year program. He said “We’d take you, but it’s full. Want to do a two year instead?” I said ‘sure’…. and life changed. I think the 3rd year kids perceived me as a wise old man at 24.. Besides falling in love with Judy, I loved being on Joe Scanlon’s Emergency Crisis Research Unit (ECRU) where we’d fly to where there’d been a catastrophe of sorts, somewhere in the country (avalanches, gas explosions etc.). We’d find out who were the worst in starting rumours (small station radio jocks) that hampered emergency help. But the most fun at the end of Year One was being in a play at Carleton’s Sock ‘n’ Buskin theatre. The play was “Sunshine Sketches of a little town” by Stephen Leacock. I wasn’t the lead male… but by gawd I was good!

That’s me on the right side with the quizzical look on my face. Packed the house every night… and had a ball. On the right is me last year in a Vancouver Island tulip field. Yes, many fond memories during those Arts Tower years. – Robb Lucy (BJ ’76)

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