1. Let us know – If you feel the frequency or quality of service you are receiving is not as it should be please let us know. Contact the FMP Service Centre at 613 520-3668.
  2. Reduce Clutter – Items left on office floors such as cardboard boxes, papers,magazines and books make it hard to clean effectively. Try to store these items on shelving. Where possible, tie computer and phone lines up off the floor. This makes it much easier for cleaners to clean under desks and tables.
  3. Disposal of Food Waste – As office waste containers are only emptied once a week, any food waste left in them has the potential to produce odours and attract pests. If you eat lunch at your desk please consider depositing your food waste in a waste container that is emptied daily.

Facilities management and Planning values your opinions and encourages any comments you may have.


FMP Service Centre
E-mail: FMP.Service.Centre@carleton.ca
Telephone: 520-3668