Researchers at Carleton have recently launched, a virtual exhibit on the history of the wheelchair. The exhibit is unique in that it brings together scholars from the fields of biomedical engineering, social work, and history.

History doctoral candidate Dorothy-Jane Smith led the research efforts of a group supervised by Dr. Dominique Marshall, Chair of the Department of History, Dr. Adrian Chan of the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering and  Dr. Roy Hanes of Carleton’s School of Social Work. Dr. David Pantalony, Curator of Physical Sciences and Medicine at the Canada Science and Technology Museum also joined the project, contributing expertise in the history of medical instruments and an interest in the stories which can be told through the life histories of artifacts. The exhibit speaks to the interaction of social attitudes, behaviours, and assistive technology.

You can download the poster supporting the exhibit below.

Download Wheelchair History Poster

Click the image to download Dorothy’s poster.

The exhibit was made possible through partnerships with institutions such as the Carleton Centre for Public History, the Canada Science and Technology Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Research Council, the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, and many more.