Sheila Jones says Trudeaumania by Carleton History prof, Paul Litt, is the book to buy to understand the cultural phenomenon that was the elder Trudeau.  She writes: “Litt’s Trudeaumania is about sex, sizzle and popular culture. Sex, he writes, had become the central obsession of a pop culture, which ‘exploited its power to titillate and sensationalize. Trudeaumania derived much of its sizzle from the sex-obsessiveness and sexism of the time.’ It was the time of sexual liberation, Beatlemania and Andy Warhol.”

For more go to the review, “Rise to Power,” at the Winnipeg Free Press.

To order Professor Litt’s book, go to University of British Columbia Press.

book cover of Trudeaumania book with four different photos of Pierre Trudeau