Seminar and Shannon Workshop with Dr Lisa Peschel, University of York, UK

When: Thursday 17 September, 6-9pm.

Where: Meet at History Lounge 433PA.

Who: Carleton graduate students.


This workshop explores how we are forced on occasion to use our imaginations to fill the gaps in the historical record, but imagination that is based on serious historical research and careful thinking, often collaborative. Our task will be to re-create missing pages from a cabaret script that Dr Peschel has uncovered, based on what we know about the period in which it was written.

 Special Instructions

To fully participate, you’ll need to do some preliminary work before we meet (6-9pm, Thursday 17 September):

1. Do some preliminary research into the period. The idea is to do some serious digging, to know enough to help our collaboration during the workshop by offering a ten minute presentation on what you discovered at the start of the workshop. The list of topics are:

  • Czech communism in the 1930s: history of the party, who belongs, their relationship with Moscow, etc.
  • What does communism mean to young Czechs in the 1930s? Does it mean something different for Jews vs non-Jews?
  • Czech theatre in the 1930s: who are the major players? what are the major influences?
  • Commedia dell’arte: its history and anything specific about its influence on interwar theatre in Europe

2. Read the script before the workshop.

3. Come prepared with ideas as to what you think the missing pages might have looked like that you can share with others.

To Register

If you would like to participate in the workshop please register with David Dean at before Thursday 10 September 5pm.