Photo of Christian De Jager

Christian De Jager

Candidate, M.A. History

Degrees:B.A. Hons. (University of Calgary)

Current Program: Masters – History (2018)


Prof. Susanne Klausen

Academic Interests:

Southern African history; Afrikaner history; colonial history; global history of nationalism; gender history; history of masculinity.

Select Publications and Current Projects:

De Jager, Christian. “The Extent and Effects of German-Boer Collaboration During the First World War: A Comprehensive and Chronological AnalysisJournal of Military and Strategic Studies 18, no. 1 (2017): 60-115

Teaching Experience:

The Making of Europe (H. Goldman), Carleton University, Fall 2018, TA.

Description of Research:

Formed in the aftermath of the Boers’ defeat in the South African War, Afrikaner nationalism became a dominant political movement in twentieth-century South Africa. The surge in support for Afrikaner nationalism before and during the Second World War spurred the emergence of an anti-British/pro-Nazi Afrikaner nationalist organization known as the Ossewabrandwag (O.B.). My research examines the relationship between constructions of masculinity and the development of Afrikaner nationalism within the youth wing of the O.B., which formed in 1939 and existed until 1952. I intend to explore how and for what reasons thousands of male Afrikaner youth were attracted to the O.B. in the 1930s. I am particularly interested in understanding the ways in which the concept of Afrikaner masculinity was utilized in the socialization and ideological indoctrination of male Afrikaner youth.