Photo of Marcel Jesenský

Marcel Jesenský

Contract Instructor

Degrees:M.Sc. (Košice), Post-Grad. Dipl. Int’l Relations and Int’l Law (Bratislava), M.A. European/Russian Studies (Carleton), Ph.D. (Ottawa)

Marcel Jesenský’s current research looks into the bilateral relations between Canada and the former Czecho-Slovakia (1918-1992) and the history of the United Nations (1945-2012). Marcel is interested in research and teaching both international and diplomatic history in the global and regional/local context, as well as other subjects. He brings his extensive professional experience in multilateral diplomacy and international relations to his teaching, and aims to attract his students to this absorbing and dynamic part of history.

Research Interests:

  • International Relations; Diplomacy
  • United Nations; League of Nations
  • Canada – Slovakia Relations; Canada – Czecho-Slovakia Relations
  • European Integration
  • Modern Europe
  • Central Europe

Professional Experience:
Teaching history courses at the University of Ottawa (2008 – )
Member of the Slovak Foreign Service
Member of the Permanent Mission to the United Nations, New York
Delegate to the 48th-52nd UN General Assemblies, New York
Delegate to the NATO’s 50th Anniversary Summit, Washington, D.C.

Courses Taught:
The Great Experiments: the League of Nations and the United Nations (HIS 3397)
The History of Europe (16th-20th Century) (HIS 1120)
The Rise and Fall of Czecho-Slovakia (HIS 3357)
The Twentieth-Century World from 1945 (HIS 1111)