Photo of Marissa Foley

Marissa Foley

Candidate, M.A. Public History

Degrees:B.Soc.Sci Joint Honours in Political Science and History (University of Ottawa)

Current Program (including year of entry): MA Public History with Specialization in Digital Humanities (2018)


Dr. John C. Walsh

Academic Interests:

Canadian history, deindustrialization and gentrification, digital humanities, memory, space and place, and public history.

Select Publications and Current Projects:

Foley M. “White Knowledge and Black Bodies: The Racialization of Medicine in the Antebellum South.” Clio Undergraduate History Journal 3 (2016): 137-149.

Select Conference Contributions:

(2016). White Knowledge and Black Bodies: The Racialization of Medicine in the Antebellum South. Gaston Henon Undergraduate History Conference, Ottawa, Canada.

Teaching Experience:

Teaching Assistant

Home, Work, Play: Situating Canadian Social History (J. Opp and J. C. Walsh), Fall 2018 and Winter 2019

Description of Research:

My research project explores digital storytelling’s potential and limitations as a tool for public history by developing a geotagged audio tour through the recently-gentrified Jamesville neighborhood of Hamilton, Ontario. In telling a story of place that makes the neighbourhood’s industrial past more visible, audible, and knowable, my work offers a counter-commemoration to that which currently exists in Jamesville. In the making and then testing of this project, I am particularly interested in researching if and how a critically-engaged, activist public history can find an audience to reclaim histories that are being forgotten or are under threat of being forgotten.