Photo of Matthew Dodd

Matthew Dodd

M.A. Candidate

Degrees:B.A. (Carleton)

Current Program

M.A. History with Specialization in Digital Humanities (2016)


Dr. Shawn Graham and Dr. Danielle Kinsey

Academic Interests

The impact of digital methodologies on historical research; optical character recognition for historical material preservation; digital archival methodologies

Teaching Experience

The Making of Europe (P. Nelles), Fall 2016

Description of Research

The impact of optical character recognition on the preservation of historical documents, specifically newspapers. I intend to examine whether the quality of the OCR affects how information is transferred and whether the digital retention of information affects researchers. I will also explore the impact of the decisions of what material is preserved. Lastly, I will examine how governments, whether by accident or design, attempt to exercise control over ideas by providing funding for digital archiving as well as the agency of archival staff in preserving the material.