Photo of Rob Blades

Rob Blades

Candidate, M.A. Public History

Degrees:Bachelor of Arts Honours in History with a Minor in Philosophy, Carleton University (2014)

Current Program (including year of entry)

M.A. Public History with a specialization in Digital Humanities (2014)


Dr. Shawn Graham

Academic Interests

Digital History, Soundscapes, Astrophotography, Existentialist philosophy in pre and post-war France

Select Publications and Current Projects

Teaching Experience

In addition to traditional teaching assistant roles, I have assisted undergraduate students with specific digital history projects. This includes a range of digital tools from interactive fiction software to data visualization and video game platforms. I have also engaged directly with students as a Residence Assistant at Carleton University.

Description of Research:

How do we understand place when we immerse ourselves in an environment? My research explores our intimate interaction between sound and memory. I focus on the city of Pembroke, Ontario, and examine the specific ways in which sound and memory entangle in that historical soundscape. Regardless of which method takes precedence, my research will engage with various methods of digitally representing soundscapes from simply recording sound to mapping sound using the network analysis tool Gephi, and even incorporating soudn within the interactive fiction tool twine.