The ISSO is unable to provide advice on income tax matters to individual students. The information provided below is intended to be a brief overview and introduction to the Canadian tax system. As an international student, you are encouraged to seek advice from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or from a qualified income tax specialist. 

Do international students have to file taxes in Canada?

International students can find more details on whether or not you should be submitting a tax return.

Where can you complete your tax return?

1. Free Virtual Taxes Clinics

The Sprott Accounting Students’ Association (SASA Tax Clinic) offers tax clinics each year. Bookings for April 2021 tax filings are now closed. Have questions?  Email SASA at vptax.cusasa@gmail.com

There may be other free tax clinics across the city who can facilitate tax preparation although they may be impacted by health precautions as well.  There are also companies who will prepare your return for a fee, such as H&R Block.

2. Local Tax Offices

You do not need to pay an accountant to complete your taxes as this can often be quite expensive, but if you choose to do so, you can go to a professional.  You can look for free tax filing services normally available to low income earners at local community centres.  Some suggestions include:

3. File Your Own

You can file your taxes using online software or filling out paper forms. For example, UFile.ca is an online service for preparing and filing your taxes.

If you require more information:

International Tax Services Office  1-800-267-5177

GST Credits   1-800-959-1953

Canada Revenue Agency for forms, publications and more information see CRA’s Student Guide  or contact their International Tax Services Office (from Ottawa area) at 613-940-8495

Documents you may need in order to file your taxes:

  • SIN Card
  • T4 slips (if you work)
  • T4A slips
  • T2202 (print from Carleton Central)
  • Donation receipts
  • Rent receipts
  • Bus passes (print the UPass receipt from Carleton Central)