The University has a Campus Agreement with Microsoft for annual licensing of selected software products. Details about the license and the products included follow:

  1. Applications covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement include: MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, OneNote, Skype for Business).  Also, includes MS Office for MAC Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote).
  2. Faculty and staff who are the primary users of the office computer where the Office suite is installed, may install a copy on up to 5 devices (Office 365). This applies to applications software only (i.e.: word, excel, etc.), not operating systems such as Windows 10.
    • Please note: that as of May 1, 2018;  The Office 365 for Education has replaced the Work at Home Program (HUP) and as a result Faculty and Staff can now install the Office suite for free on up to five (5) devices during the term of their employment.   For more information or to get the Office Suite, see Download MS Office faculty/Staff.
    • The MS O365 license/software will expire when the Carleton University Microsoft Campus Agreement expires, or upon termination of employment with Carleton University.
  3. Students are eligible for MS Office software through the MS Office 365 Applications.  Access to the MS Office 365 Suite is available through the MS Office 365 Offer for students.The MS Office software can also be accessed through the CU Desktop Application or via the Student Public Labs.
  4. MS Visio Lite is now included in the MS Office 365 Suite.  To access login to your O365 webmail account and go to the software section under the waffle icon, located top left of window. Scroll to the MS Visio Lite to access the application.
  5. Applications such as MS Visio Professional & MS Project Standard are not covered under the MS Campus Agreement and must be purchased separately.  The license purchased is for one install on one device on campus and on a university owned computer only.  Work at Home Rights do not apply when purchasing this software.
  6. MS Visual Studio Professional is no longer available under the Microsoft Campus Agreement.  A free MS Visual Studio Community is available through Microsoft.  Eligible departments can access this software through the Carleton University MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program.
  7. Carleton University MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Program – Students, and faculty, who’s departments have enrolled in this Microsoft program are eligible for free Microsoft software.  A valid Carleton email address (ex: or is required to signup for this program.

    MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is available to qualifying higher education departments at Carleton that have a core focus in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (a.k.a. STEM).  This online subscription offers a more comprehensive list of developer tools for instructional use.

    Qualifying STEM departments, can sign up for the free membership by going to Please use the MS Campus Agreement # 58409829 when submitting your application to this program.

    This entitles the STEM Department to the MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (Electronic Software Delivery) subscription level at no cost. Department Representatives can also contact the ITS Service Desk to get more information about the above program. Please indicate that the “MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching” program is required at time of request.

    Please note that ITS does not provide support to Faculty, Staff, Students or Department Representatives who’s departments are enrolled in this program.  Support is to be provided by the departments enrolled in this program or through Microsoft Azure Support, see links below:

    Microsoft Azure Support
    Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching FAQ
    Microsoft Azure Student Support
    – access to the above support website is through the MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program.

  8. MS Azure for Students Starter is available for free to students.    This Microsoft program gets students started with the Azure products needed to develop in the cloud at no cost.  Students can Enroll here.