A number of the members of the Statistics group have varied interests in biostatistical applications. Collaborations have been established with firms in industry, including Health Canada, Best Medical Canada, the McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment, and Risk Sciences International. These associations have given rise to research into the detection of disease outbreaks, passive and active pharmacovigilance, the environmental burden of disease, brachytherapy treatment data, along with a multitude of other areas.


Research Interests

Patrick Farrell Categorical Data Analysis, Biostatistics, Sampling, Applied Statistics
Shirley Mills Data Mining, Applied Statistics
Jason Nielsen Functional Data Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Mixture Models, Computational Statistics/Numerical Analysis
Chul Gyu Park Constrained Inference, Dependent Data Analysis, Ordered Categorical Data Analysis, Inference with Measurement error, Generation of Dependent Random Variables.
Sanjoy Sinha Biostatistics, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Missing Data Analysis, Mixed Models and Robust Inference