Professor Areas of interest
A. Alaca Number theory.
S. Alaca Number theory, cryptography, elliptic curves.
D. Amundsen Applied mathematics, differential equations, numerical analysis, photonics, fluid mechanics, nonlinear dynamics.
Y. Billig Algebra, solitons, cryptography.
I. Bumagin Group theory and applications, algorithmic problems, group based cryptography.
L. Campbell Applied mathematics, fluid dynamics, numerical and analytic methods for partial differential equations.
K. Cheung Operations research, correctness of computed results, mathematical software.
J. Crann Harmonic analysis, operator algebras, quantum information theory.
M. Csorgo Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes, Mathematical Statistics.
S. Dang Biostatistics, Computational Statistics, Data Science, Bioinformatics, Cluster analysis, Machine Learning
P. Farrell Applied statistics, computational statistics, discrete data, sampling.
B. Fodden Number Theory, Set Theory, and Mathematical Logic.
Z. Gao Graph theory, combinatorics, Mathematics of Gambling.
M. Huang Stochastic Systems, Stochastic Control, Game Theory, Distributed Multi-agent co-ordination, Optimization in Communication Networks
C. Ingalls Algebraic Geometry, Noncommutative Algebra
W. Jaworski Analysis, topological groups and Lie groups, theoretical probability.
E. Lorin Applied Mathematics, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Numerical Analysis.
S. Melkonian Analysis, differential equations.
P. Mezo Algebra, number theory and Lie groups.
S.E. Mills Applied statistics, data mining and knowledge discovery in databases, data visualization, sports analytics & anomaly detection.
A. Mingarelli Ordinary differential equations, difference equations, celestial mechanics, chaos, fractals, fuzzy cellular automata, History of Mathematics.
A. Momeni Optimal Mass Transportation, Partial Differential Equations and Nonlinear Analysis.
J. Nielsen Functional Data Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Mixture Models, Computational Statistics/Numerical Analysis
M. Neufang Analysis: functional analysis, harmonic analysis; topology; dynamical systems.
M. Ould Haye Probability, statistics, time series.
D. Panario Finite fields and their applications, combinatorics, analysis of algorithms.
J. Pandey Distribution Theory, Wavelet Theory of Functions and distributions covering (a) Discrete Wavelet Transform (b) Continuous Wavelet Transform.
S. Sinha Biostatistics, design of experiments, linear and nonlinear regression, robust estimation.
C. Starling Aperiodic Tilings, Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Semigroups, Groupoids & C*-algebras
N. Stepanova Statistical inference.
B. Stevens Designs, Gray codes, graph theory, mathematical biology, mathematical literature, and math of the Rubik’s cube.
S. Wang Finite fields and applications to combinatorics, coding theory and cryptography; pseudorandom sequences.
Y. Zhao Applied probability & applications in telecommunications, applied statistics & applied mathematics.