Algebra and Trigonometry – Grade 11-12* Students

*Younger students may be admitted on a recommendation of instructor in a previous Math Enrichment Course taken at Carleton.

This course runs in the environment which is very close to the actual University course, with regular assignments, mid-term and a final exam. Students who successfully complete “Algebra and Trigonometry” course and subsequently enroll into an undergraduate program at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Carleton University, are offered “Mathematics for Success!” award, valued at $500.

The objective of this course is to better prepare students for success in their future University-level mathematics courses. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Newton’s binomial formula
  • Factorization of a^n – b^n and of a^n + b^n (for odd n)
  • Factorization of polynomials
  • Vieta’s Theorem
  • Finding rational roots of a polynomial with integer coefficients
  • Euclidean algorithm for the greatest common divisor of two polynomials
  • Properties of trigonometric functions
  • Addition theorems
  • Moivre’s formula
  • Solving trigonometric equations
  • Trigonometric identities
  • Pascal’s triangle and binomial coefficients
  • Proofs by induction

These topics will be covered in-depth and are go well beyond the Ontario Elementary or Secondary School Curriculum.

2024/25 Course Information

This course will not be offered in 2024/25. It will run in 2025/26.

2023/24 Course Information

The course will run on Mondays 5:30-7:00pm from September 25, 2023 to April, 2024 (with a break in December).
New class location for the Winter term: Canal Building, room CB 2400.

Instructor: Michael Fairbairn (

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Registration is now closed.
We will open registrations for September 2024 in April.

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