The Theoretical and Functional Analysis group is an active and dynamic research group with interests in theoretical probability, harmonic and functional analysis, ergodic theory, locally compact groups and Lie groups, Banach and operator algebras.


Research Interests

Jason Crann Operator Algebras, Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Quantum Information Theory
Wojciech Jaworski Probability Measures on Topological Groups, and Related Problems in Functional and Harmonic Analysis, Ergodic Theory, and the Theory of Topological Groups
Angelo Mingarelli Differential Equations, Number Theory, Fuzzy Cellular Automata, Recurrence Relations, Celestial Mechanics
Abbas Momeni Theory and Applications of Optimal Mass Transportation, Partial Differential Equations, Nonlinear Analysis
Matthias Neufang Functional Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Banach Algebras, Operator Algebras, Operator Spaces, Locally Compact Groups and Quantum Groups, Quantum Information Theory
Charles Starling C*-algebras, topological dynamical systems, groupoids, semigroups, aperiodic order