All participants who register in NPSIA-PT&D open-registration workshops and programs are asked to take note of the following policies for workshop cancellations and participant withdrawals prior to the advertised start-date.


NPSIA-PT&D reserves the right to cancel any open-registration workshop / program up-to 5 business days in advance of the start-date.  All participants who have registered will be notified and a full-refund of fees will be provided either to the registrant or to the funding party.  On occasion NPSIA-PT&D will cancel an open-registration workshop when there is insufficient subscription.  We endeavor to communicate with workshop participants well in advance to alleviate concerns over expense (ie. travel and accommodation).  In certain circumstances NPSIA-PT&D will work with registrants to find alternative dates should the opportunity for postponement arise.


Voluntary withdrawals from an up-coming, open-registration workshop / program are permitted up-to 30 business days in advance of the start-date less a 20% withdrawal fee.   Fees from withdrawals within this period or at the start of the workshop / program are non-refundable.  However, NPSIA-PT&D will issue a credit note – valid for 2-years – that is usable for participation in the same open-registration workshop for the intended participant or a co-worker.

In the event that NPSIA-PT&D cancels a workshop the withdrawing participant will receive a full-refund as indicated above.

Special note for members of Canada’s Municipal, Provincial and Federal public services and individuals registering privately by invoice.

Please note that the submission of a registration form requesting an invoice for payment by an employer or sponsor constitutes a contract under Treasury Board of Canada guidelines for procuring education and training services for public service personnel.  By receiving a registration form we accept enrollment as being approved and grant the candidate a place in the workshop / program as a fully registered participant.

Unaffiliated individuals or non-government, sponsored candidates who request an invoice to pay by cheque, ITF or cash have 30-days to complete their registration upon receipt of our invoice.  No guarantee of enrollment by NPSIA-PT&D will be provided until receipt of payment.