NEW!!!  The Practical Certificate in Gender Based International Affairs Management

NPSIA-PT&D is pleased to announce the pilot offering of the Practical Certificate in Gender-based International Affairs Management this winter 2022, featuring Dr. Timea Spitka.

In this workshop participants will address critical questions including: what is a practical roadmap towards feminist international intervention? When international gender norms clash with local customs, which come out on top? How does one apply Gender Based Analysis PLUS (GBA+) in international projects?

Dates:  Thursday, March 3 and Friday, March 4, 2022.

Registration: registration is now open.  Before proceeding please review our cancellation and withdrawal policies here.

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Training Location: ONLINE
Time: 1 PM – 4 PM ET, daily
Program Fee: $ 300.00 + HST
Carleton, NPSIA, NPSIA-PT&D Alumni and Ottawa Diplomatic Association members: $ 275.00 + HST

About this workshop:

To address gender more effectively participants in this workshop will examine international feminist policy, and develop skills and strategies to promote gender equity and support gender projects globally. Participants will review GBA+ as a tool for the systematic consideration of an array of identity factors in the development of policies, overseas programs and international initiatives. Skills learned in this workshop include the introduction of gender themes in international project creation, using a logframe for analysis and management, and creating gender indicators to help measure success. The workshop will emphasize the development of practical skills that contribute to inclusive and sustainable projects, engage gender inequalities and move engaged communities towards transformation.

Learning objectives of the workshop:

• Examining the meaning of a Feminist Foreign Policy in action

• Do no harm – government and corporate responsibility in gender

• Reviewing international gender norms such as CEDAW and UNSCR 1325

• Utilizing GBA + Tools in Practice

• Understanding Equality versus Equity in the international arena

• Understanding the difference between ‘Girl Power’ and systematic and institutional change

• Learning how to use a logframe to design a project

• Learning how to create gender sensitive indicators

• Women or Gender? Challenges and opportunities of working with LGBTQ + internationally

• Experience in designing a gender empowerment project

Who should attend:

This workshop is ideal for professionals, at all levels of government, institutions and / or parties, involved in public policy, programming and international development that require an understanding of Gender and Gender practices in International and public affairs management.

Dr. Timea Spitka

Dr. Timea Spitka has worked for international and regional organizations including the United Nations, Oxfam, European Union and the Rand Corporation. Dr. Spitka has taught classes and workshops on gender, mediation and conflict resolution and published on international norms, gender, human security, mediation, identity and conflict transformation. Dr. Spitka has extensive expertise working overseas on gender, peace and development projects.