The Certificate in Conventional Protocol and Social EtiquetteA workshop on professional and social skills for diplomats, business people, students, graduates, and individuals from  all-walks-of-life, who would like to reinforce/enhance and to  be confident about their professional and social conduct.

Join Margaret Dickenson as she presents NPSIA-PT&D’s new Certificate in Conventional Protocol and Social Etiquette workshop, an abbreviated version of the Practical Certificate in International Social Protocol ~Networking, Cocktail and Dining Etiquette~ workshop. This unique 1-day skills development program provides the basic rules of professional and social protocol as well as instruction in appropriate networking, cocktail, dining and entertaining etiquette.  Learn more here.

Registration: registration is now closed.

Date:  TBD
Location: Room 3112 Richcraft Hall, Carleton University (pending Public Health advice) and ONLINE
Time: 10:00 AM – 3 PM
Parking: available on campus
Fees:  Students & recent graduates (2020-2022): $75 + HST, Alumni: $125.00 + HST, General: $150 + HST

Are you a graduate of this workshop?  NPSIA-PT&D invites previous participants to refresh your skills and enroll at the student rate!

Preview of workshop on Conventional Protocol and Social Etiquette, and so much more:

The workshop begins with the basics of business and social protocol and etiquette:

  • How to introduce oneself and others – as well as a group; successful networking tips
  • How to access conversational groups of various size
  • Etiquette of business card presentation
  • Introduction to cocktail etiquette including the technique of managing a drink glass, hors d’oeuvre/cocktail plate in one hand
  • Drawing attention to “buffet table” etiquette

The workshop then moves to the table:

  • International standard for correctly set table
  • Seating plans which vary for professional and social situations
  • Accepted codes for the service of food and beverages
  • The use of cutlery for various courses of a meal
  • Emphasis and discussion on table etiquette

The important roles of hosting and being entertained in professional and social environments:

  • Highlighting protocol regarding both the host and guests in a restaurant setting
  • Appropriate topics of conversation and avoiding awkward situations
  • Discussion on “toasting”; clarifying the “does and don’ts” of toasting
  • The workshop concludes with a focus on “The art of inviting and being a gracious guest“.

 Our featured instructor:  Margaret Dickenson

Margaret Dickenson is bestselling author of Margaret’s Table and From the Ambassador’s Table which have both won multiple international awards including Best Entertaining Cookbook in the World.

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