Select an appropriate graduate program to apply:

  1. If you are experiencing technical difficulties please contact the OUAC Centre at (519) 823-1063 ext. 6556 or e-mail
  2. Once you have received your account information, please visit the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs link on how to submit your documents: How to submit your documents
  3. English Proficiency Test
    1. All international students where English is not the only Official Language in their country are required to take the TOEFL test or equivalent. Please consult the ESL pages.
  4. Required Documents:
    The following documents are required to be uploaded to your online application:

    1. One completed Preference form
    2. Statement of Intent
    3. CV/Resume
    4. Three Confidential Letters of Reference/Referee Appraisal forms from persons who are prepared to comment on your academic background and potential for graduate studies
    5. Certified transcripts from all universities you have attended. If the transcript is not in English it must be translated into English and signed by a notary or the school. The original transcript and the translated transcript must be submitted.
      If applicable submit other relevant information such as grading and ranking policy by the university.
      Please follow the instructions carefully on how to upload your documents:
  5. When to Submit Your Application: Candidates can apply for either the Fall Term or the Winter Term. Candidates who wish to be considered for funding support should apply by the due date(s). Note, that the school accepts applications that are submitted after the due date(s). However, late applications may not be considered for funding.
    1. Domestic Students: Typically March 1 – Domestic students, who wish to be considered for funding should submit their applications by March 1st. Only completed applications will be considered and therefore all documents must be received by that day. Funding for applications received after March 1st is subject to availability.
    2. International Students: March 1st – Last day for international students applications. Only completed applications will be considered and therefore all documents must be received by that day. Applications received after that day may be considered subject to availability of space.
  6. Additional Assistance For further information, please contact our SCS Graduate Administrator by e-mail or by calling (613) 520-2600 ext. 8751.
  7. Notification of Acceptance: You will be notified once a decision is made via the system.