Friday, March 24, 2017

Senior Journalism student wins 2017 Provost Scholar Award

He has published with various news organizations from iPolitics to CBC, interned at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC, and volunteered with Journalists for Human Rights—all the while, pulling in top grades.

And now, Patrick Butler’s dedication during his time in the Journalism program has been honoured by Carleton University. He is one of only ten undergraduates in the university-wide competition to receive a Provost Scholar Award.

“I’ve been lucky enough to take advantage of so many different opportunities while at Carleton. This being my last semester, it’s really incredible to be recognized for four years of hard work,” said Butler. “There are so many undergraduates doing amazing things at Carleton University, and to be among the other Provost Award recipients is a real honour.”

The annual award, valued at $1,000, is bestowed by the Provost’s office in conjunction with the Discovery Centre.

In selecting Butler, judges noted his “active and long-term commitment to engaging directly with community members in work supporting local journalism,” as well as his published works of journalism and involvement with international issues.

Mary McGuire, the undergraduate supervisor for journalism, noted that Butler’s impressive academic achievements, along with “a resume full of international, volunteer, and varied experiences,” makes him a standout in a program full of remarkable students.

He is engaged, “excited about learning,” she said, with an ability to “spark other students to be excited and engaged, too.”

As a student pursuing a combined honours degree in Journalism and Political Science with a concentration in Canadian Politics, Butler also caught the eye of his political science professors.

According to Rand Dyck, he wrote “spectacular essays and exams” in his Canadian Constitutional Politics course last year. “As close to perfection as a student can get.”

Raffaele Iacovino, the Political Science department’s undergraduate supervisor, noted that Butler was one of his top students.

“Patrick demonstrated a commitment that is rarely seen by students at his level,” he said. “I believe his transition from student to scholar is well underway.”

Butler also recently won the prestigious Joan Donaldson CBC News Scholarship.

He is the fourth Journalism student to be honoured with a Provost Scholar Award since its inception two years ago. Anaïs Voski (Journalism/Political Science with a concentration in International Relations) was a Provost Scholar in 2016. Inaugural awards went to BJs Christine Ackerley (Journalism/Communication) and Emma Bider (Journalism/African Studies) in 2015.

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