Alumni Memory: Gary Lipschutz, BJ ’88

Thank you, J-School!

When I read your call for my “best j-school memory,” the first that came to mind is my receipt of a letter at the end of my third year in j-school back in 1986 from the late Joe Scanlon . I had applied for a job as a Teaching Assistant, but I knew I hadn’t met the straight-A marks requirement and was unsurprisingly rejected in the first round. But Joe was writing to me to say that one of the assistants had taken a job at CJOH, and his old position was being offered to me. I literally jumped for joy. My TA job in j-school (and the way my own TA, Barb Smith, inspired me back in my first year) had made me realize that teaching was my calling. After j-school and a stint in the field, I landed a post-secondary English teaching position in Toronto and have been teaching ever since. I’ve enjoyed a very fulfilling career. Thanks, Joe, Roger, and Barb! Thank you j-school! – Gary Lipschutz (BJ ’88)

Alumni Memories are part of Carleton Journalism’s 75th Anniversary.

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