Photo of Alaa Sarji

Alaa Sarji

Current Program: MA in LING

I am a full-time MA student in Carleton’s Linguistics program. I completed my Bachelor of Arts Honours, with a minor in ALDS, and a CTESL certificate at Carleton in 2019. My current thesis work observes ludlings (language games) and their processes, which are similar to natural phonology. The aim is to better understand language acquisition, specifically the amount of evidence required to establish phonological rules of a ludling. With the opportunity the department provides for interdisciplinary work, my research work has been enhanced, with a deepening in my learning experience. Through my time in Carleton’s MA program, I have been provide with the opportunity to gain teaching experience in LING courses and research experience with language revitalization and documentation of Indigenous languages such as Tsuut’ina and Michif, which have increased my desire to continue my studies and work towards a degree in language revitalization and documentation in the near future.

Areas of Interest

  • Phonology
  • Annotating and Transcription
  • Indigenous research