Welcome to our Credit ESLA page. With three levels of Academic English as a Second Language courses, our Foundation Program is designed to help you to improve your English proficiency while also taking a limited number of additional credit(s) at the University.

English as Second Language for Academic Purposes (ESLA) courses are comprehensive and target both the language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) and the research and study skills that you need in order to be successful in an English language university.

For Undergraduate and Special students admitted with an English as a Second Language Requirement (ESLR), successful completion of ESLA courses (also referred to as the Foundation Program) satisfies this requirement.

Most of the university’s undergraduate degree programs allow students to take ESLA courses while at the same time studying in the program to which they were admitted. Special students may also be permitted to take an additional course(s) while concurrently registered in ESLA course(s).

Graduate students are also welcome to study in our program, however, Graduate English as a Second Language Requirements (ESLR) (section 3.6) may vary from program to program.  Graduate applicants should contact the department in which they would like to study for further details. If they are not able to study in their program of choice until their English skills improve, they can register in ESLA courses as a Special student.

Please note: Required CAEL Assessment scores needed to both satisfy the ESLR and for placement into ESLA courses are changing.


Each ESLA course is one credit and one term in duration.  All levels are offered every term.

  • Fall term: September to December
  • Winter term: January to April
  • Summer term: May to August

ESLA 1300: Introductory English for Academic Purposes introduces students to the skills and strategies they need for academic success at university including basic research methods.*

ESLA 1500: Intermediate English for Academic Purposes further develops the skills and strategies required for academic success, and adds to basic research skills.

ESLA 1900 or ESLA 1905: Advanced English for Academic Purposes develops the students’ research and analytic skills, primarily through reading and writing of academically oriented texts.  ESLA 1905, when offered, is only offered as a Fall/Winter (September to April) course to students at the Advanced ESLA course level who have been admitted to the Faculty of Engineering and Design.

* IMPORTANT: for students registering in 1300, make sure you DO NOT register for ENGL 1300. You need to choose ESLA 1300.