Deadlines for Application:

The deadline for MA TEAL applications is February 1. Applications received after this date may be considered if there is still space.

How to Apply

In order to begin your application to the MA TEAL Program, you must first create an online application account on the Graduate Admissions website.  Once you have an account, complete and submit your online application form and pay the application fee.

Checklist of Required Documentation

As part of the application process, we require a number of documents (listed below).  Follow the prompts in the online application system to upload and submit your documents.

  1. A statement of intent. In this, we would like you to take up to 500 words to describe your goals and outcomes for graduate work. You should discuss your interest in the area you wish to pursue, including your reflections on any relevant previous study or practical experience.
  2. Reference from two referees. You will be asked to provide contact information for at least two academic or professional referees. Once payment of the application fee has been made, Carleton University will contact the referees by email and request them to submit a reference for you. These referees should be university professors who can comment on your past academic work and your aptitude for success in our program, or from relevant employers who can attest to your aptitude and competence in teaching English as an additional language.
  3. Transcripts of all of your previous undergraduate grades (and graduate grades, if you have already done graduate work), along with a confirmation of the conferred degree. If these are not in English, you must also provide a translation. Upload copies of your transcripts into the application system.  If you are accepted into the program, you will be asked to provide official versions.
  4. Language proficiency. English language proficiency requirements for our program are in line with those specified by the University’s Admissions Office.  These include: proof of having studied full time in English medium institutions and programs in an English-speaking country for the past three years, and/or presentation of English language proficiency test scores showing an accepted score.  For details on English as a Second Language Requirements for Graduate Admissions, visit the Graduate Studies website.
  5. Your C.V. or resumé.
  6. Writing sample. A sample of an academic (or professional) paper (or report) you have written (in English) that you are particularly proud of and which you think represents your interests and abilities well. Alternatively, you may include samples of lesson plans or materials development demonstrating your competence of teaching English as an additional language.

Please note that we may not review your application until our application deadline (February 1) has passed. To find out the status of your application, you can log into Carleton Central and follow the “Graduate Admissions” link.

Answers to many common application questions can be found on the Graduate Admissions website.