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Why you should study Portuguese

Did you know that without Portuguese there wouldn’t be any flamingos? Well, there would be, but they would be called something else. Flamingo, along with marmalade, cashew, banana, cobra, and Bossa Nova, are all loan words that English has borrowed from Portuguese.

With more than 150 million speakers, Portuguese is the world’s 7th most common 1st language, official language of Portugal, Brazil, and six African nations, co-official language of the Oceanic nation of East Timor, and an official language of the European Union. Also, did you know there are more Portuguese speakers in Brazil than Portugal, 187 million vs. 10 million? Surprising right…although, people on both sides of the issue will tell you there are major differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese.

Here at Carleton, instructors teach primarily Brazilian Portuguese and our interactive classes emphasize language you can really use; maybe on your next trip to Rio de Janiero for Carnaval!

As well, if you’re studying French, Spanish, or Italian, you may enjoy studying Portuguese because it will allow you to explore the many similarities and differences that exist between Romance languages.

Finally, for all the economic, ecological, and social issues Brazil is struggling with, the South American nation continues to occupy an influential place on the world stage hosting, in recent years, such prestigious events as the: 2012 Rio de Janiero Earth Summit, 2014 FIFA World Cup, and 2016 Summer Olympics. Brazil is also home to the Amazon rainforest where conservation, land rights, mining, and forestry interests collide. Far from being reasons to avoid the region (and the language), this conflict is an invitation to become part of the solution. Proficiency in Portuguese can help.

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