Course Code SPAN
Co-ordinator Eve Schnitzer
Levels Offered 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year Full course list *
Minor Available Yes More details
Placement Test Required for students with previous knowledge More details
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About the Language

Spanish is a Romance language with roots in the rustic Latin of southern Cantabria. After it became the official language of the central Iberian kingdom of Castile, it expanded over most of the Iberian Peninsula and then across the Atlantic with the Conquistadors, to cover most of Central and South America.

Despite its dialectal variations, Spanish remains quite accessible to its more than 350 million speakers worldwide.

  • It has a simpler sound system than English; only five vowel sounds.
  • It is a syllable timed language so the vowels stay the same length.
  • Once you have learned which sound corresponds to which letter you can easily write in Spanish.
  • Although Spanish changes its word forms, the rules are generally quite consistent. For example: there are both masculine and feminine forms and these gender markings are carried into nouns and adjectives as well.

Study Spanish, a vital international language that could carry you far in the arts, business or political arenas.  Or you can use it next time you find yourself in a Spanish-speaking tourist destination.

Also, for those with significant previous exposure to the language, we offer online Spanish courses for Heritage Language speakers.  Click here to learn more.

Registration Information

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