Carleton University offers three possible program paths to complete the Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies.

  • Coursework Path: complete 5.0 credits in courses (normally 10 one-term courses);
  • Research Essay Path: complete 4.0 credits in courses (normally 8 one-term courses) and write a 1.0 credit Research Essay (ALDS 5908);
  • Thesis Path: complete 3.0 credits in courses (normally 6 one-term courses) and writing a 2.0 credit thesis (ALDS 5909);

IMPORTANT: And remember, regardless of which path you choose, you need to remember to apply to graduate. Additional details can be found below.

How can I apply for a Research Essay or Thesis Path?

By default, all students are registered in the Coursework option. Students wishing to follow a Thesis or Research Essay path ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT a proposal to the ALDS Proposal Review Committee at the end of the first year of the Master’s program. The Committee reviews the proposals and makes recommendations to the ALDS Graduate Studies Committee, which makes final decisions.

There are 3 proposal submission deadlines throughout the year:

  • May 1: to start in Summer term
  • July 15: to start in Fall term
  • November 1: to start in Winter term

All proposals must conform to the specifications set out in the template for MA thesis/Research Essay proposals.

Please consult the following links for guidance in completing this document:
(Additional guidance is also provided in ALDS 5002)

Application to Graduate

Degrees are conferred three times each year at Carleton University: Winter (February), Spring (June) and Fall (November), although graduation ceremonies are held only in Spring and in Fall.

In order to graduate, you must complete an application to graduate in Carleton Central.

The current deadlines are:

  • December 1 for Winter graduation
  • February 1 for Spring graduation
  • September 1 for Fall graduation

Information about graduation ceremonies can be found at: