Program Requirements

The School offers the following programs in Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies:

The BA Honours and BA Combined Honours can be taken concurrently with a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CTESL).

A BA Combined Honours in Linguistics & Discourse Studies option is also available. It combines the BA Honours in Linguistics with the BA Honours in Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies. It can also be taken concurrently with the CTESL program.

These programs offer flexibility to accommodate individual interests within a well-defined structure.  All students are required to take the core introductory courses LING 1001 and ALDS 1001 in their first year, and ALDS 2201 and ALDS 2202 in their second year.  In second year, students can choose from a variety of courses to explore topics of interest in ALDS.  Third- and fourth-year courses allow more in-depth explorations of sub-areas of ALDS in terms of research, theory, and applications.  The Honours program offers a pre-professionalization option either as a practicum or an intensive research activity.

Choosing your Courses*

As you choose your courses and your programs, think about what you may want to do after you complete your BA. For instance, if you want to teach English to adults, combining a major in Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies with a concurrent CTESL program is a popular option. If you are interested in language in society or language and culture, combining a major in Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies with a minor or major in Sociology or Anthropology may give you a solid foundation on language from a social theory or sociological perspective. Other complementary combinations may include ALDS and English, ALDS and Canadian Studies, ALDS and Communication Studies, and ALDS and Journalism.

Regardless of what program option you choose, you should be aware of the following requirements:

  • the breadth requirement (a requirement for all BA programs)
  • the language requirement (a requirement for our BAs in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies)

* Please note, not all courses listed are offered in a given year.

Program Paths

To help you choose courses each year, we suggest the following program paths:

Add a Minor

Because Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies deal with how language is used, learned, and taught, many of our students are also interested in learning languages themselves. It is easy and common to combine a major in ALDS with a minor in a modern language. The School offers minors in several languages:

Students interested in French, French language teaching, French-English translation, or a career in the government can also combine their majors in ALDS with a minor or a major in French. As well, students who want to consolidate their background in formal linguistics can combine a major in ALDS with a minor in linguistics or they can choose a BA Combined Honours in Linguistics & Discourse Studies.

For Further Information

For assistance in course selection and for general advice on academic and career planning in Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies and related fields, please contact our Undergraduate Advisor, or Undergraduate Degree Administrator.