BA in Linguistics

The School of Linguistics and Language Studies offers the following BA Linguistics programs:

Our core program covers the following topics:

  • Phonetics: production, perception and acoustic properties of human speech sounds
  • Phonology: variations and patterns of speech sounds
  • Morphology: word categories, structure and creation of words
  • Syntax: structure of phrases and sentences
  • Semantics: word, phrase and sentence meaning
  • Historical Linguistics: language change and language relationships
  • Psycho/Neurolinguistics: language processing and first language acquisition

Click here for a list of Linguistics courses in the Undergraduate Calendar.

We also regularly offer special topic courses. Recent topics have included: computational linguistics, constraint-based syntax, experimental syntax, language and reference, and aspects of Cree.

Students in the BA Honours and Combined Honours programs may enrol in the Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CTESL) program concurrently with their Honours degree.

Students in the BA General, Honours and Combined Honours programs are required at graduation to have a working knowledge of a language other than English. Proficiency is determined by successful completion of a university course in the language or by an oral or written test given by SLaLS.

For further information on Linguistics in SLaLS, please visit our Linguistics homepage.