The MA TEAL program consists of 5.5 credits to be completed within one calendar year. Credits are completed through a mixture of coursework and a pedagogy-focused Capstone Project.

MA TEAL Courses

* Full course descriptions of each course are available on theĀ Carleton Graduate Calendar site.

3.0 credits from:

  • TEAL 5209 [0.5] Teaching English as a Foreign Language: Methodology for Global Contexts
  • TEAL 5305 [0.5] Teaching English Language: Methodology I
  • TEAL 5206 [0.5] Introduction to TEAL Theory
  • TEAL 5207 [0.5] Pedagogical Grammar in Second and Foreign Language (SL/FL) Teaching
  • TEAL 5216 [0.5] Fundamentals of TEAL
  • TEAL 5302 [0.5] Second Language Acquisition and Learning Theories

1.5 credits from:

  • TEAL 5202 [0.5] Curriculum in Language Teaching
  • TEAL 5203 [0.5] Issues in English Language Teaching/Teacher Education
  • TEAL 5208 [0.5] Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP)
  • TEAL 5501 [0.5] Language Testing and Assessment
  • TEAL 5705 [0.5] Second Language Writing: Research and Theory

1.0 credit from:

  • TEAL 5210 [1.0] TEAL Capstone Project


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