Communication Courses for the Disciplines & Professions (CCDP)

Communication courses for disciplines and professions are designed to help students from specific disciplines to develop communication skills necessary to succeed academically and professionally in their chosen fields. Communication courses are compulsory for students from Engineering, including those in the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) program.  The level of the course (second or third year) depends on the requirements of each program.


Read more about these courses on the Undergraduate Calendar website and check the Carleton Central/Public Class Schedule (note different listing titles below) for dates and times:

  • Communication Skills for Engineering Students (CCDP 2100)
    Listed under “Comm. Crses Discipline & Prof.”
  • Communication Skills for IMD (CCDP 3003)
    * Listed under “Inter. Multi Media & Design”
  • Communication Skills for NET (CCDP 2004)
    * Listed under “Network Technology”
  • Communication Skills for IRM (Information Resource Management) (CCDP 3006)
  • Communication Skills for PLT (Photonics and Laser Technology) (PLT 3008)

Course Previews:

Previews of upcoming courses are available for viewing on this site. These previews will give you an idea of the types of assignments, readings, and instructor expectations you may encounter in the course. Please be aware that these documents are NOT OFFICIAL COURSE OUTLINES. The actual courses you take may differ considerably from the descriptions provided in the previews.