School Director: Michael P.H. Rodgers
Associate Director (LING): Beth MacLeod
Undergraduate Advisor (LING): Karen Jesney
Graduate Supervisor (LING): Lev Blumenfeld

Contract Instructors

Christie Brien

Paul Melchin

Adam Stone

Cross-Appointed in Linguistics

Siobhain Bly Calkin (English)

Randall Gess (French)

Shane Hawkins (College of the Humanities)

Olessia Jouravlev (Cognitive Science)

Carmen Leblanc (French)

John Logan (Psychology and Cognitive Science)

Robin Norris (English)

Donna Patrick (Sociology and Anthropology)

Monique Senechal (Psychology)

Jaffer Sheyholislami (ALDS, Graduate Supervisor)

Raj Singh (Cognitive Science)

Adjunct Research Professors and Professors Emeritus

Jaromira Rakusan (Professor Emeritus)

Hans-George Ruprecht (Professor Emeritus))

Marina Sherkina-Lieber (Adjunct Research Professor)

Christina van der Wal Anonby (Adjunct Research Professor)

Helmut Zobl (Professor Emeritus)