Carmen Leblanc

Associate Professor (French with cross-apppointment to SLaLS)

Degrees:B.A. (UQAM), M.A. (Ottawa), Ph.D. (Ottawa)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2183
Office:1624 Dunton Tower


I joined Carleton University in July 2007. I’m presently working (till 2017) on a SSHRC-funded research project entitled: Dialect Contact and the Sociolinguistic History of Acadian French. My previous research focussed on variationist and historical sociolinguistics in varieties of French spoken in Ontario and Québec. I also completed a doctoral specialization in Canadian Studies. Before moving to Ottawa, I studied in the Humanities, French and Education in Montréal and Sherbrooke. Prior to my academic career, I taught French in Atlantic Canada for eight years.Research Interests

Research Interests

  • Varieties of French in North America.
  • Morphosyntactic variation in relation to language change.
  • Exponents of the Tense, Modality and Aspect system (TAM)
  • Historical origins and development of non-standard varieties
  • Relationship between linguistic norms and community identity
  • Dialect contact

Courses previously taught

  • LING 4009: Special Topic in Linguistics

Recent Publications

(to appear) The Future’s Path in Three Acadian French Varieties (with R. King and P. Comeau). University of Pennsylvania Papers in Linguistics : Proceedings of New Ways of Analysing Variation 44. Vol. 22(2).

(2013) Les interrogatives totales en français Madelinot: continuité dans la filiation. Proceedings of Methods XIV: Papers from the Fourteenth International Conference on Methods in Dialectology, 2011. A. Barysevich, A. D’Arcy & D. Heap (eds), Bamberg Studies in Linguistics, New York, Peter Lang : 90-101.

(2010) Coding compositional aspect in French. Aspect in Grammatical Variation. J.A. Walker (ed.), Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins, 65-79.

(2010) Vues sur le français d’ici. C.L. LeBlanc, F. Martineau and Y. Frenette (eds.), Québec, Presses de l’Université Laval, 285 p.

(2010) Tracing a morphosyntactic change in Québec French: the non-standard conditional in si-clauses. Journal of French Language Studies 20(2) : 151-169.

(2009) ALLER parfois, PRÉSENT souvent: l’expression de l’habituel en français parlé. Le français d’ici : études linguistiques et sociolinguistiques sur la variation du français au Québec et en Ontario. F. Martineau, R. Mougeon, T. Nadasdi and M. Tremblay (eds.), Toronto, Éditions du GREF, coll. Theoria no 13, 91-125.

(2009) Conditional morphology in si-clauses: A Canadian French reanalysis. Canadian Journal of Linguistics. 54(2) : 1001-1021.

Recent Papers

(2016) Verbal morphology meets dialect levelling and migration pattern in Madelinot French. International Sociolinguistics Symposium, Universidad de Murcia, Spain.

(2016) Contact interdialectal et nivèlement morphologique en français madelinot.Association for French Language Studies, Queen’s University, Belfast.

(2015) Dialect Contact in three varieties of Acadian French (with R. King and P. Comeau). Atlantic Provinces Linguistic Association, Université de Moncton.

(2015) The Future’s path in three Acadian French varieties (with R. King and P. Comeau). New Ways of Analysing Variation (NWAV 29), University of Toronto.

(2014) The Sociolinguistic History of Acadian French (with R. King and P. Comeau). Methods in Dialectology 15. University of Groningen, Netherlands.

(2013) Fragments de l’histoire sociolinguistique des Acadiens (with R. King and P. Comeau). Atlantic Provinces Linguistic Association, Université de Moncton.

(2012) La forme verbale en madelinot. American Council for Quebec Studies. Sarasota, Florida.

(2012) The art of disruption: The periphrastic future in the verbal system of French. New Ways of Analysing Variation (NWAV41), Indiana University.

(2011) Le français madelinot: transmission de la langue et changements générationnels. Methods in Dialectology 14. University of Western Ontario.

(2010) Les interrogatives en français madelinot ancien. Colloque sur le français acadien en hommage à Louise Péronnet. Université de Moncton.

(2009) Distinctions aspectuelles et codification: le cas du français. Canadian Linguistic Association. Carleton University.

M.A. Supervision

(2016) K.G. Acquah. La representation du français parlé dans quatre pièces de théâtre québécoises

(2014) M. E. Bekamenga. L’immersion française en Ontario: Problématique de l’acquisition de la morphologie dans un espace anglophone.

(2011) E. Goodman. Qu’en est-il de la lisibilité des contrats au Canada français ? (2010) M. Sanford. Le H français.

(2009) C. Dawood. La description du Jeu au Hockey: Essai de stylistique comparée du français et de l’anglais.