Course Code ARAB
Co-ordinator Lubna Safaa
Levels Offered 1st, 2nd year Full course list *
Minor Available No
Placement Test Required prior to registration in ALL levels of ARAB courses (including ARAB 1110).
Placement testing is required for all students whether or not they have previous knowledge in the language.
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* Not all courses are offered every term, please check Carleton Central and/or the Public Class Schedule for course availability.

Important: Placement is required prior to registration in ALL levels of ARAB (see placement test).

About the Language

Arabic belongs to the Semitic family of languages. Modern Standard Arabic is the modern-day reflex of Classical Arabic (the language of the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam), and is used by the media and in formal gatherings. Colloquial dialects include North African, Egyptian, Sudanese, Levantine and Gulf Arabic.

Today, Arabic is one of the official languages of the United Nations (UN), and is spoken by almost 200 million people in more than 22 countries. Arabic is also an important part of Canada’s multicultural linguistic fabric.

Registration Information

Space in language courses is limited.  Register as early as possible.  If the course is full when you attempt to register, please submit a Course Registration Override Request or, if applicable, add your name to a waitlist on Carleton Central.  Click here to learn more about how waitlisting works.