Photo of Daniel Siddiqi

Daniel Siddiqi

Associate Dean, Programs; (Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs); Professor; (School of Linguistics and Language Studies)

Phone:613-520-2600 x 1249 Paterson Hall, x 1809 Tory Bldg
Office:249 Paterson Hall (SLaLS), 512E Tory Building (FGPA)

Research Interests:

Morphology, syntax, lexical processing and parsing, linguistic metatheory (theory design and grammar architecture), morphophonemics, lexical Semantics, English history and variation.

Courses Regularly Taught in SLaLS:

  • LING 3001: Typology
  • LING 3005: Morphology 1
  • LING 4004: Syntax 2
  • LING 4005: Morphology 2
  • LING 4101: Historical Linguistics 2
  • LING 4505: Semantics 2

Recent Publications:

with Heidi Harley (2016). Morphological Metatheory. Linguistik Aktuell/ Linguistics Today.

with Jason Haugen (2016). “Towards a Restricted Realization Theory: Multimorphemic monolistemicity, portmanteaux and post-linearization spanning” Morphological Metatheory.

with Andrew Carnie and Yosuke Sato (2014). Routledge Handbook of Syntax.

(2014). “The Syntax-Morphology Interface.” Routledge Handbook of Syntax

(2014). Review of “Distributed Morphology Today. Morphemes for Morris Halle” Journal of Linguistics.

with Jason Haugen (2013). “Roots and the Derivation” Linguistic Inquiry.

with Maria Biezma and Andrew Carnie (2013). “Counterfactuality in Non-Standard Subjunctive Conditionals. ” NELS.

with Andrew Carnie (2012). “The English Modal haveSnippets

(2011). “The English Intensifier assSnippets

(2010). “Distributed Morphology” Language and Linguistics Compass

(2009). Syntax within the Word: Economy, Allomorphy, and Argument Selection in Distributed Morphology. Linguistik Aktuell/ Linguistics Today.