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Cover of Allan J. Ryan’s album I’m Goin’ Back to University When I Die

Album Songs

I’m Goin’ Back to University When I Die
(formerly released on vinyl as Allan J. Ryan – But What Does He Do?)

Song Title Listen
Leapin’ Lily Listen Lyrics
David’s Song Listen Lyrics
My Canadian Maid Listen Lyrics
I’m Goin’ Back to University When I Die  Listen Lyrics
Michigan Wind Listen Lyrics
Is That All I Get? Listen Lyrics
Grey Rain Listen Lyrics
Honeymoon Darlin’ Listen Lyrics
Thoughts of You Listen  Lyrics
Nighthawk Listen  Lyrics

For You To Know Me

Song Title Listen
For You To Know Me Listen Lyrics
The House with the Mandarin Doorway Listen  Lyrics
Crawfish Listen  Lyrics
Green Velvet and Fine White Lace Listen  Lyrics
I’m Goin’ Back to University When I Die Listen  Lyrics
The Russian Circus Listen  Lyrics
My Canadian Maid Listen  Lyrics
Haggadah—Testament Listen  Lyrics
Harlequin Haven Listen  Lyrics
Christmas Morning, Bang! Bang! Listen  Lyrics


Honeymoon Darlin’ b/w Is That All I Get?

Thoughts of You b/w My Canadian Maid

Nighthawk b/w David’s Song

For You to Know Me b/w I’m Goin’ Back to University When I Die

PM Pierre/My Judy Lamarshmellow Doll, Capitol Records

True Fine Virginia/Be My Friend, Columbia Records

Other Songs

Song Title Listen
Be My Friend Listen Lyrics
My Judy LaMarshmellow Doll Listen Lyrics
True Fine Virginia Listen Lyrics

PM Pierre

In 2015 I revisited Trudeaumania through song:

In the opening pages of his 2016 book, Trudeaumania, Paul Litt, my colleague in the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies, liberally quoted the lyrics from the song, PM Pierre, that I wrote and recorded on Capitol Records in 1968.

Below you can listen to two versions of the song:

PM Pierre (Official Capitol Records recording)

PM Pierre (Allan J. Ryan live on CBC Radio’s Russ Thompson Show)

See the song’s lyrics here

Read Nick Ward’s story on Trudeaumania in the 2017 edition of FASSinate Magazine here: won the Canadian Historical Association’s Political History Prize for Best Book of 2016.