Why Skype is used for Interviews:

  • It is appropriate to request a Skype interview with an employer if you are unable to travel to have an in person interview
  • Allows you to see the interviewers, which helps in reading their nonverbal communication that are absent in phone interviews

Before the Interview:

  •  Create a free Skype account (www.skype.com)
    • Create a professional username (perhaps your first name and last name)
    • Ensure your location is accurate as this will help the employer locate you
    • Choose a professional display picture
  • Make sure you have the required equipment for a Skype video call
    • You will need a computer with a microphone, webcam, and an internet connection
  • Do a test call so that you can get used to using Skype
    • Check your voice levels
    • See you how your image looks (is it clear, blurry, is there glare from windows or lights)
  • Choose your location wisely
    • Make sure there is an appropriate background (for example, clear the items behind you so that the background looks tidy)Make sure you are in a quiet environment (background noise will get picked up)

During the Interview:

  • Sign into Skype 10-15 minutes before your scheduled interview time
  • Dress appropriately and make sure you look professional on video
    • Some clothing (colours, patterns) do not look as good as others on camera
  • Be prepared for technical difficulties!
  • Make sure to ask if the interviewer(s) can hear and see you clearly
  • Be mindful of the video call lagging which can interrupt the flow of the conversation
  • Have your resume and any other needed materials (i.e. pen and paper) nearby for your reference
  • Make sure to have a glass of water with you