• A team of people, (usually 3-5) interviews one candidate
  • Panels consist of relevant specialists which allows the candidate to meet several team members
  • Promotes diversity and fairness in the evaluation committee

  • Try to learn who is on the panel beforehand
  • Greet all members of the panel
  • Attempt to make eye contact with everyone
  • Interactive discussions where real or hypothetical scenarios may be presented
  • Commonly used in business, management, or consulting firms and technical occupations

  • Practice analyzing case studies
  • Identify the problem being presented in each scenario
  • Ask questions to clarify the case presented
  • Walk the interviewer through your thought process
  • Several interview candidates are being interviewed at the same time
  • Multiple interviewees interact together like co-workers or teams

  • Interact with the other candidates
  • Demonstrate your communication skills
  • Take the lead while keeping a collaborative environment
Phone / Online
  • Allow you to speak with interviewer(s) when you are not physically in the same space
  • Same types of questions that would be asked in person are used in a digital interview

  • Pick an appropriate location free from distractions
  • Keep your resume in clear view, to reference dates
  • Turn off call-waiting
  • Practice with a friend or family member