1. No Competition
There are no openings, but employers are always looking for good candidates to keep in mind

85% of jobs are filled here, in stages 1-3

2. Little Competition
There’s a potential job opening in the company. Employees are aware but no action is taken
3. Some Competition
The job opening is official & open internally! Some employers will accept referrals from “outside” candidates.
4. Lots of Competition
The job was posted on 1 or more public boards and anyone can apply
Advantages of Public Job Postings Disadvantages of Public Job Postings
  • Easily accessible, anyone can apply
  • Can be used to get a sense of labour market trends
  • High levels of competition, due to easy accessibility
  • Tough to establish trust, due to impersonal communication
  • Emphasis on credentials, lack of feedback can be discouraging
  • 80% of jobs are filled without being posted to the public