• On a typical day as a ___ what do you do?
  • What special knowledge/skills/training did you have/need to get into this line of work?
  • What part of this job do you find most satisfying? Most challenging?
  • What personal qualities or abilities are important to being successful in this job?
  • How did you prepare yourself for this type of work?
  • What are the different settings in which people in this occupation may work?


  • How does your work contribute to the overall goals or mission of the organization?
  • How did you get started in your current position?
  • Is there a typical career path in this field?
  • What would an entry-level job be?
  • What opportunities for advancement are there in this field?
  • What kinds of companies/organizations tend to hire people with your qualifications?
  • What types of training do companies offer persons entering this field?
  • Is there a demand for people in this occupation?
  • How do you see jobs in this field changing in the future?


  • What special advice would you give a person entering this field?
  • What are some things that you know now that you wish you had known in university?
  • Which professional journals and organizations can help me learn more about this field?
  • Is there anyone else you can recommend I speak with? May I say that you referred me?