Resume CV
Purpose To apply for jobs in most non-academic fields or industries. To apply for jobs in academia or research
Goal To show that you match requirements of the position the employer is looking to fill To display your academic accomplishments and qualifications in detail
Employers See An introduction to your skills and experiences as they relate to the job you are seeking An overview of your academic, and research experience, awards and publications
Essentials Skills and experience related to the job Education, publications, teaching experience, grants, awards and other academic information etc.
Length Should be one or two full pages in length No limit for length
References Not included in the document, however they are brought to the interview Included at the end of the document

A CV is used for:

  • Admission to graduate school
  • Research and consulting positions in a variety of sectors
  • Applications for fellowships and grants
  • Teaching, research, and upper level admin positions in post-secondary settings
  • Academic departmental and tenure reviews
  • Leaderships positions in professional associations
  • Publishing and editorial reviews