1. COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control Training
  2. How to Self-Enrol on cuLearn
  3. Acknowledge Completion of the Training
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COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control Training

This online training course will provide general information regarding the health and safety practices and considerations required for working on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Topics include an overview of the novel coronavirus including symptoms and transmission. It will also outline infection prevention guidelines to prevent transmission of COVID-19 according to the most up-to-date guidance from Public Health Authorities. It will review the steps taken to ensure a safe workplace and explain the actions and expectations that each individual on campus can do themselves to stay safe.

This session is mandatory for all faculty, staff and students of Carleton University and is available through cuLearn.

How to Self-Enrol on cuLearn

Carleton employees should automatically be enrolled in the course and have it visible on their cuLearn dashboard under the Environmental Health & Safety tab.

Students and some employees will need to self-enrol in the course by following the instructions below:

Acknowledge Completion of the Training

Once you have completed the training, you must visit the COVID-19 Training page in Carleton’s COVID-19 Reporting System to confirm your completion and understanding of the training and click submit. You must confirm your completion of the training prior to being allowed to submit the required COVID-19 Daily Campus Access & Screening Form.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office at ehs@carleton.ca.

Additional Resources

Carleton University:

Facilities Management and Planning:

Health and Counselling Services:

Public Health Ontario: