Please complete the following five steps in order to submit your application to the Enriched Support Program:

  1. Gather copies of your academic transcripts. You should upload copies or pictures of these documents with your online application (see link, below). Please note, we will need original copies of your transcripts but these may be provided at a later date. Your academic records should include:
    • High school transcript or credit counselling summary;
    • For current high school students: your most recent report card;
    • For students who have enrolled at college or university: transcripts of your studies.
  2. Prepare a Personal Statement. This is your opportunity to share your personal circumstances with the Admissions Committee. Please consult theĀ Personal Statement Guidelines when you prepare your personal statement. You will be asked to upload your Personal Statement as a doc, docx, pdf or txt file.
  3. Request two letters of reference from teachers. Please see our References page for more information. You should provide this link to your referees. Note: if you have been away from studies for 3 or more years, you may use letters from a workplace or a community reference, if necessary.
  4. Pay an application fee of $65.
    • You can pay the application fee online (credit). The link will be available on the final page on the online application.;
  5. Complete the online application below.